How to jailbreak a iPhone 3Gs with iPhone OS 3.0?

well, so far there are two solutions: purplera1n from geogot and redsn0w from the iphone-dev team. 




 works with Windows XP, Windows 7 and also Mac OS X!

  • download purplera1n from here.
  • make sure you have iTunes 8.2 installed (latest version so far)
  • connect your iPhone 3Gs to your computer
  • open iTunes
  • run purplera1n, click "make it ra1n"
    (it takes a while, your iPhone will reboot and come up with a different logo, after a while you should get to your normal home screen)
  • run the new App Freeze from your iPhone to install Cydia
  • reboot your iPhone
  • use Cydia and have fun!
side note: if purplera1n crashes you are most likely running a non English version of Windows, this might cause problems. For me it worked with Vista 64 bit in English and German. Also there is a new version of purplera1n which doesn´t have problems with international versions of Windows, so if you run into this problems, try to redownload purplera1n from the website above!
Remember: jailbreaking / unlocking your device might void your warranty! You do that on your own risk, if your iPhone breaks, we are not resposible for that! 


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