How do I resize a Virtual VMware Disk?

Also that isn´t really hard, there is a tool for this, called vmware-vdiskmanager.


  • shut down the VM machine
  • locate the regarding disk image (in Debian: /var/lib/vmware/Virtual Machines/VMNAME/*.vmdk)
    and change to that directory
  • create a backup of the virtual disk you are about to resize
  • vmware-vdiskmanage -x 10GB mydisk.vmdk
    (this resizes the disk mydisk.vmdk to 10GB)
    this works, no matter if the disk was split in 2GB files or not, and should not corrupt anything, but make a backup, better safe then sorry!
  • after that you need to create a new parition in that virtual disk or resize the partition within the disk, whatever you prefer


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